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We promise you one thing:

5 new students for a trial class. 

The fastest and cheapest way to bring students to your club. 

*And you're  not taking any risk, we offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked!*

Stop Wasting Your Time Chasing After Unqualified Students


Most Masters and Clubs do not have time or do not like recruiting new students. They rely on word-of-mouth or chance, therefore limiting their effectiveness and scope for growth. 

Martial Tribes, as the World's most engaging Facebook publisher, (see table below) has a mission of helping those Masters and Clubs live off their passion of Martial Arts. Thus, with this Revenue Growth Package, we give you the opportunity to recruit new students at an extremely competitive cost. In other words, we are the revenue-focused extension of your efforts. Thanks to our economies of scale and social media expertise, we can run inexpensive and effective campaigns to automate the grunt work of prospecting and qualifying potential students in your city.



Use Our Million Martial Arts Enthusiasts Community To Quickly Reach Prospects 


We are offering revenue growth package of USD100 to identify, target and qualify 5 to 15 contacts for any martial arts club willing to offer a free lesson to new potential students in your area. We do that with a complete money back guarantee.

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Facebook Insight 12/8/16.
What matters is the amount of people within your community that see your posts on Facebook, and the fact they like, share and comment on them. People Talking About This (PTAT) is one of the best metrics to measure that, it is more accurate than number of likes to measure the impact of your message. 

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Step 3 - We Will Reach Your Students Through A Facebook Campaign

We will run a Facebook campaign using a landing page such as the one you can see bellow. (See full size)




With the information you have provided above. As you can see, we place major emphasis on reinforcing the values of martial arts in order to filter contacts and ensure that only motivated people sign up for the free trial. 


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Step 4 - We Will Send You Your Prospects Contact Details

After the campaign  (usually running 10~15 working days depending on your city), we will provide you with the contact details of the 5 to 15 potential students that you can contact for a free lesson.

We estimated that, even if just a couple of contacts sign up as a student, this campaign will have been highly effective for your club.

In any case, if for any reason, you are not happy with the results of the campaign, we will refund you no questions-asked within 15 days.



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